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The Original, The Best.

Buy Only Delton Brand Slide Cases. It's an Open & Shut Case!

About Us


We are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality plastic slide cases. Established in 1975, and privately owned, managed and operated. Our company is based in Huntington Beach, CA.


Delton Scientific Inc. Philosophy


For over 45 years Delton Scientific has provided plastic slide cases for our customers in the medical, forensic, laboratory, research, clinical trials, research industry, clinics, etc. They are used worldwide for a myriad of clinical and laboratory tests, sex assault kits, clinical research labs, clinical trials, and more. 


As we expand our capabilites we are still guided by inspiration of the founder's core philosophy: Our company's growth depends on the excellent quality and the commitment to our customers. Delton Scientific continues to strive for excellence in meeting our customer needs with:


- Competitive Prices

- Outstanding Customer Service

- Same Day Shipping

- One location, One Supplier - You're buying direct from the manufacturer.


Shipping Experience & Capabilites 


With Delton Scientific, Inc. you can rely on our fast & flexible transportation options. Delton has over 45 years experience in product manufacturing and distributing. To our valued customers in the clinical, laboratory, hospital, industry market, etc. We have teamed with UPS & FedEx so you can rely on our fast and flexible transportation options. Whether package, freight, ground, ocean, or air Delton Scientific meets your needs.


About the Company's Founder


Dell Shoberg is the CEO/President and Owner of Delton Scientific, Inc. Born in Minnesota, Dell is an accredited engineer of product research, design & development. He saw the many disadvantages of the standard cardboard slide mailers and created a clean, non fibrous, non pourous, glass slide holder. After much research, various designs, the final product was created. Delton plastic slide cases are manufactured in accordance with cGMP (current good manufacturing practices). The result is our Delton plastic slide cases: A clean, non-fibrous, non-pourous, impact & moisture resistant plastic slide holder for the protection, transportation and storage of specimens. 




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